When we talk of Middlesex where do we mean?

The County, the Province or the Tribal Lands?

It’s possible you didn’t even realise there is a choice!


We do know that anyone who says Middlesex
‘doesn’t exist’ is talking out their hat.

The assumption that because the County Council was abolished Middlesex is abolished is fanciful – did Middlesex not exist before 1889? For that is the very recent date the Middlesex County Council was formed.

And as you will read and learn,
nothing could be further from the truth.


Welcome to Middlesex - the Capital County

The Middlesex Federation comprises the following seperate but related organisations:  

Middlesex Heritage, the Middlesaxon Tribe, and the Federation of Middlesex Sports.


The County of Middlesex Trust has now evolved into Middlesex Heritage.   Please use the links at the top of the page to see more information.

Our Patron and President is Russell Grant, the lord of Ashford and a proud Middlesaxon. Russell is a famous astrologer, author and media personality. He is also the author of the must read book ‘The Real Counties of Britain’

Russell Grant is pictured centre. To his right is Brandon Lewis, then Local Government Minister and to his left is Lord Randall of Uxbridge.

We were at 10 Downing Street to fly the flag for Middlesex on Middlesex Day. We met the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and a representative team of youth athletes played Cricket in the Rose Garden afterwards!

You can read more about the visit here.