The Middlesex Federation

When we talk of Middlesex where do we mean?
The County, the Province or the Tribal Lands?
It’s possible you didn’t even realise there is a choice!

It is Middlesex Day in...


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our new-look website.

Middlesex Day 2023 is the first under a new monarch so it is fitting that we have a new online presence in this new era for both Middlesex and the nation.

I’d like to thank Jeff Barnes, our Chairman, for his generosity in working with Kai Viola, in getting a new website up and running in time for Middlesex Day. A great deal of effort and finance has gone into making this happen. Thank you, Jeff!

I hope you will contribute to this website with pictures or stories about your own patch of God’s own County.

The potential of is enormous and we’d like to invite the world to come and look, learn and discover about Middlesex, our home; our County.

Russell Grant
The Lord of Ashford in Middlesex


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