The Middlesex Federation

When we talk of Middlesex where do we mean?
The County, the Province or the Tribal Lands?
It’s possible you didn’t even realise there is a choice!

It is Middlesex Day in...

About the Middlesex Federation

Middlesex Federation

Middlesex Heritage (Spelthorne Heritage/Potters Bar & South Mimms Heritage)

for correspondence

Wise House,
38 Pinewood Drive,
Potters Bar,

Middlesex Heritage

Based at

Spelthorne Museum,
1 Elmsleigh Road,
TW18 4PN

Federation of Middlesex Sports

HQ: Silver Jubilee Park,
12 Northgate Drive,


Patron: Lord Randall of Uxbridge
Patron Spelthorne Heritage: Jean Pinkerton, OBE
President: Russell Grant, The Lord of Ashford in Staines, Middlesex
Chair of Middlesex Heritage: Jeff Barnes
Chair of Spelthorne Heritage: Tom Fidler
Chair of Potters Bar & South Mimms Heritage: Jeff Barnes
Middlesex Heritage Director of History and Geography: Steve Fenn
Middlesex Heritage Ambassador: Cliff Batten
Middlesex Heritage Director of Environment & Conservation: Kabir Kaul
Middlesex Heritage Director of Flags and Heraldry: Jason Saber
Middlesex Heritage Director of Genealogy: Lesley Christofi
Middlesex Regiment Advisors: Colonel (Retd) JRJ Powell OBE and PAD Senter (C2 MSF) | Deputy Regimental Secretary
Executives: Cllr Jane Palmer, Cllr Dexter J Smith, Rev David Ackerman,Rosalyn Young,
Middlesex Director of Finance: Jeff Barnes
Middlesex Director of Administration: Blanca Barnes
Middlesex Director of Communications: Tim Fuell
Association of British Counties: Rupert Barnes
Federation of Middlesex Sports President: Russell Grant, Lord Ashford of Staines, Middlesex
Federation of Middlesex Sports Chair: Jeff Barnes
Federation of Middlesex Sports Ambassador: Rob Morris
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