The Middlesex Federation

When we talk of Middlesex where do we mean?
The County, the Province or the Tribal Lands?
It’s possible you didn’t even realise there is a choice!

It is Middlesex Day in...

The City of London

Welcome to the CITY OF LONDON 

The City of London is geographically in Middlesex but completely autonomous

This great city is literally a law unto itself and is surrounded to the north, east and west by the County of Middlesex – the two have been inseparable for over 1000 years. The River Thames covers the City’s southern flank.

To be a true Londoner you must be born within the City of London’s square mile. But to be a Londoner doesn’t make you a Cockney, which is something completely different, for that you must be born within the sound of Bow Bells rung in Tower Hamlets, Middlesex!